CIMTRODE has recently launched the latest optical proofing machine called C-VIEW PROOF. This state-of-the-art device is designed to perform automatic measurements of tool concentricity, length and round workpieces. Thanks to advanced cameras and software, the C-VIEW PROOF is able to perform extremely precise measurements and inspections. This makes it an indispensable tool for manufacturing processes that require the highest precision and quality.

The C-VIEW PROOF sets new standards in inspection machine technology, offering advanced features and capabilities unmatched by any other device to date. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to a user-friendly interface that enables fast and efficient handling.


Creating a documented and consistent workflow


Automatic analysis ensuring consistent results


In order to reproduce the conditions in the machine


All within a tolerance of .001 mm


With the new optical proofing systems from Cimtrode

Discover the world of CIMTRODE’s optical proofing machines, offering manufacturers a glimpse into the microcosm influencing production quality. 

With advanced optics and integrated software, these machines enable automatic analysis of micro elements that impact manufacturing processes. Uncover hidden insights, identify potential issues, and optimize production parameters effortlessly. 

Step into a realm of unmatched precision and clarity, where CIMTRODE’s optical proofing machines and software revolutionize the understanding of the micro-world in production.



Explore the technical highlights of the machine below by simply hovering over the orange markers. Each marker reveals a specific feature or functionality, providing a detailed glimpse into the cutting-edge technology at work. Uncover the advanced capabilities, innovative design elements, and performance-enhancing features that make this machine stand out. By hovering over the markers, you can dive deeper into the intricacies of its components, operations, and unique advantages.

High-End Optic

USB 3.0 camera, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 42-500 times enlargement factor, and up to 90 fps, providing clear and accurate visuals for automated measurements and inspections.

Adjustable ‘Light-Box’

Adjustable ‘light-box’ with multiple segmentable and steplessly adjustable LED lighting, providing optimal illumination ensuring accurate and consistent measurements.

Telecentric LED Back-Lighting

In addition to the adjustable ‘light-box’, the C-VIEW PROOF also features bottom telecentric LED lighting, which allows for shadow-free illumination and improved accuracy.

High-Precision HSK Spindle

The C-VIEW PROOF is equipped with a high-end HSK spindle, from HSK 25-63, which accurately simulates the exact conditions in the machine and ensures usable measurements.

Quick-Release Tabs

To further enhance its versatility and ease of use, the C-VIEW PROOF comes equipped with quick-release tabs for easy spindle switching, allowing for quick and efficient setup and operation.

Manual Spindle Turning

Manual spinning knob for the HSK spindle, which enables the user to manually spin the tool or round workpiece, providing an additional level of flexibility and control.

Quick Y-Axis Movement

Release switch that allows for quick adjustment of the Y-axis before needing fine adjustment.

Interchangeable Platform

The HSK spindle on the C-VIEW PROOF is mounted on an interchangeable sled, which allows for easy swapping of spindles.

Fine Y-Axis Movement

This knob allows for super smooth 0.2 micrometer fine adjustment of the Y axis, further enhancing accuracy and ease of use.


Thanks to CIMTRODE’s state-of-the-art HSK spindle replicator, all analyses can now be conducted in the clamped state, accurately replicating the real conditions within the machine. This high-end replicator ensures that manufacturers can study and evaluate their processes with utmost precision and reliability. By mimicking the exact conditions experienced during operation, CIMTRODE’s HSK spindle replicator revolutionizes the analysis, providing invaluable insights into the performance and behavior of the system.


To explore the technical details and advantages of each machine within the C-VIEW Family, simply click the button below to download our comprehensive brochure. This brochure provides an in-depth breakdown of the features, specifications, and benefits offered by each machine, allowing you to make a well-informed decision based on your specific needs. Discover the cutting-edge technology, advanced functionalities, and unrivaled performance that make the C-VIEW Family the ideal solution for your manufacturing requirements.


The table below presents a comprehensive overview of the main technical highlights that distinguish the C-VIEW Family of machines. This informative table offers a clear and concise comparison of key features, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify the unique capabilities and advantages of each machine within the C-VIEW Family. Whether it’s the advanced precision, enhanced automation, or expanded functionality, this table provides valuable insights to help manufacturers make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Technical detailsc-view proofc-view 500c-view 75
Magnification42-500 Fold42-500 Fold75 Fold
Zoom12 x (14 Presets)12 x (14 Presets)Stepless Zoom
Fine FocusYesNoNo
CameraUSB 3.0 Camera, 1920x1080, 90 FPSUSB 3.0 Camera, 1920x1080, 90 FPSUSB 3.0 Camera, 1920x1080, 90 FPS
Max Field of View9.4 x 5.3 mm9.4 x 5.3 mm70 x 50 mm
Telecentric UnderlightingYesYesNo
Segmentable LED Ringlight17,000 LUX17,000 LUX17,000 LUX
High-Precision Y-axisYes (repeat accuracy 0.2 µm)No (25 mm fine drive in XYZ axes)No
Z ColumnNoYes, with 500 mm Coarse DriveYes, with 500 mm Coarse Drive
High-precision HSK spindleBuilt-InSeparateNot Compatible
HSK Sizes25, 32, 40, 50, 6325, 32, 40, 50, 63-
Working field sizeUp to 170 mm480 x 400 mm 280 x 300 mm
Overall size (L x W x H)675 x 338 x 655 mm480 x 400 x 650 mm280 x 300 x 600 mm
Weight70 kg24 Kg9 Kg
PowerUSB 3.0USB 3.0USB 3.0
SoftwareC-ViewSoft ExpertC-ViewSoft BasicC-ViewSoft Basic
DXF ExportYesYesNo
PDF ExportYesNoNo
Export for LabelsYesYesNo
Tool Inspection
Runout MeasurementAutomaticManualNo
Contour Deviaton MeasurementAutomaticManualNo
Overall Length MeasurementAutomaticNoNo
Min/Mox Tool Cutting Diameter0.01 to 8.00 mmN/AN/A
Min/Max Tool Overall Length0 to 200 mmN/AN/A
Workpiece Inspection
Workpiece TyoesRound WorkpiecesWorkpieces of all ShapesWorkpieces of all Shapes


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